01st Jul 2011

Rental Overview

Whether planning a wedding, reception, bar mitzvah, private party, or corporate event, look no further than CITY MUSEUM for an exciting, memorable venue.The unique character of the museum ensures that...

01st Jul 2011

Rental Calendar

We book some of our events up to a year in advance; so we thought it might be nice to give you a simple way to check on availability! You...

01st Jul 2011

Rental FAQ

1. Can I have my corporate event at CITY MUSEUM? Yes! City Museum can handle all types of events, from huge corporate events to weddings to bar and bat mitzvahs,...

01st Jul 2011

Cabin Inn and Patio

Cabin Inn the City is a frontier log cabin from the early 19th century that now stands proudly underneath MonstroCity at CITY MUSEUM. Once home to the son of Daniel...