Enchanted Caves


“Hush! What was that noise?
It came from…wait-no, that way.
Did you hear it too?”

Deep in the belly of the museum there exists a labyrinth of tunnels filled with creatures
of the imagination. A City Museum favorite since 2003, but encompassing a sense of
secrecy as old as time, the Enchanted Caves await you. Enter, and absorb the mysteries
of your surroundings as you warily make your way toward the mystical glow of crystals
located at the heart of the caves. Look up, and factory spiral conveyor belts (once part of
the historic International Shoe Co) dare you to explore your way to the top, and then take
a delightfully dizzying trip back down on the 10 story spiral slide! Along the way, you’ll
find the faces of creatures both real and imagined peering back at you from every corner.

“Working down there was like being seven years old, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling texture and seeing faces and dragons. If I was walking through the caves and I imagined a creature in the wall, we’d put one there.” – Bob Cassilly

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