Art City


“Can you help me make..?”
”Put some more glitter on it!”
“Oh, that is so cute!”

When you’ve been inspired by everything around you and want to let your own creativity flow
(or if you just need to sit down for a few minutes!) it’s time to visit Art City. Located on the 3rd floor, this free-for-everyone free-for-all is an open studio. Leave your mark on the city by coloring on our wall-sized chalkboard. Have some messy, colorful fun at the paint tables. Sculpt your own souvenir at the clay station. Or talk with one of our artisans and get ideas for a one- of-a-kind project made from recycled and donated items. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to come collect your masterpiece at the end of the day- it’ll help remind you that you can’t wait to come back!

“Using thousands of anonymous designers we are constantly inspired and tipped off to different design directions” – Bob Cassilly

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