Shoelace Factory


See a piece of history re-raveled with CITY MUSEUM’s collection of working vintage shoelace machines from the St. Louis-based Alox Manufacturing Company. They were once used to make bootstraps for US soldiers during World War II. Now, they’re making brightly colored shoelaces, necklaces, and other lace-y items for City Museum visitors.

The Shoelace Factory welcomes visitors to the second floor of CITY MUSEUM. These vintage machines have retired their green, brown, and tan thread in favor of brighter hues. Stop by and watch a working piece of history or select a string to take home. These whirling wheels will be working for many years to come but the factory is not open weekend nights.

For more information, or to order your own set of shoelaces, contact The Shoelace factory at 314-621-9633.

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