Driving Directions and Parking


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Please note that parking and City Museum’s main entrance are located on 16th St.

Coming From the North
From I-70 East (towards St. Louis)
Exit onto Broadway
Turn Right on Washington Ave.
Turn Right on 16th Street

Coming From the South
From I-55 North or I-44 East (towards St. Louis)
Take the Downtown/Memorial Drive Exit
Turn Left on Washington Ave.
Turn Right on 16th Street

Coming From the East
Take I-70 West (towards St. Louis via the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge)
Take the Tucker Blvd Exit (Exit is on the Left)
Turn Right on Delmar Blvd
Turn Left on 16th Street

Coming From the West
From I-64 E/US-40 E/US-61 S towards St. Louis
Take the 14th Street Exit
Turn Left on Washington Avenue
Turn Right on 16th Street

From the MetroLink
Civic Center Station: Go 8 blocks north and 1 block west.
Convention Center Station: Go 9 blocks west and 1 block north.
Union station: Go 9 blocks north and 1 block east.

Using the Bus from the Metro Link
Get off the Metro Link at the Civic Center Station.
You need to cross 14th Street.
Catch the westbound Delmar bus (Route #97).
Tell the driver that you are headed to the City Museum.
Ring the bell at 15th Street and walk 1 block north.
Buses run every 30 minutes.

To return to the Metro Link:
Walk to Washington and 15th Street (South-East of the Museum) Catch the eastbound Delmar Bus (Route #97). Get off at the Civic Center Station.

Bus Drop-Off and Parking
Drop off passengers at 15th St. & Lucas. Buses may park in front of the meters along Delmar, free of charge. Car and van parking is $5 in the lot at 16th & Delmar (enclosed by serpents). Additional parking is available across Delmar (at 15th Street) for $5. Street parking is metered. Meters are free Saturday after 7pm through Sunday, as well as holidays.
City Museum sits in a sea of parking choices. Our favorite lot is the secure one beneath Monstrocity. It is well-marked and lit, and closest to our door. But there are plenty of other choices. Several off-street commercial lots in the neighborhood offer paid parking, often using our name. They are not related to us. There are also metered and unmetered spaces on the public streets around us. Be sure to feed the meters if you use one. Wherever you park, be aware of your surroundings; be sure to put all bags, suitcases, purses, and gear in your trunk; and remember where you parked. Never, ever park in a space marked No Parking.

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