Toddler Town


“A baby ball pit!”
“Can I please play with blocks?”
“Look how big you are! “

Some of our smallest visitors become our biggest fans, and Toddler Town was designed with
them in mind. An area built exclusively for our guests 6 and under, Toddler town offers an
enclosed area filled with just-my-size versions of some of the museum’s attractions. A wall to wall mural with an aquatic theme greets you, and small explorers might find themselves eye-to-eye with a sea serpent! Kids can try out a smaller slide, ball pit, and crawl tunnel. Bright, colorful padded flooring provides extra cushion for visitors just starting to walk, and little builders can even make their own creations from giant foam blocks.Away from the noise and excitement of the main museum, there’s plenty of seating for parents to watch (or rest!)

“Toddler town is supposed to be the introduction to the museum. They get a safe place to play like the big kids.” – Bob Cassilly

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