World’s Largest Pencil


This mother-of-all writing utensil stretches 76 feet long and weighs 21,500 lbs. It writes–and erases. It’s a No. 2, so it’s accepted for standardized testing.

When World’s Largest Pencil creator, Ashrita Furman, needed a place to keep his Giant Pencil, he had one choice: City Museum. As current holder of the World’s Largest Underwear, the World’s Largest Pencil fit right in. City Museum and many St. Louis citizens welcomed the arrival of the World’s Largest Pencil on January 18, 2007. Fast forward to February of ’09, This Legendary Pencil is now on display inside Skateless Park located on the 3rd floor of City Museum.

Some facts you might find interesting:

1. The Pencil contains 4,000 lbs of Pennsylvania graphite.
2. It took 3 weeks, and over 7,000 man-hours to complete.
3. This Pencil is the equivalent of 1,900,000 regular pencils.
4. The Eraser is rubber (yes it erases) and weighs in at 250 lbs.

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