Skateless Park


“I can run up that!”
“It’s the world’s largest pencil!”
“Come swing on this rope!”

The wheels are gone but the fun remains in ‘Skateless Park’; one of our more popular
(and exhausting!) attractions. Here, kids of all ages can take a turn on a rope swing,
or run up (and slide down) skate ramps, half pipes, and basins formerly used by
skateboarders and rollerbladers in the museum’s early days. One newer and notable
addition is that of the World’s largest pencil. (Ask our staff about how we got it into
its current position!) Weighing in at over 22,000 pounds and measuring in at 76 feet
long, this Guinness-record breaking pencil was a donation by Ashrita Fuhrman, and
became part of Skateless Park in 2009. Tunnel aficionados can challenge themselves in
a labyrinth of tunnels leading you under the big top; you’re crawling through paths built
underneath the bleacher seating in the circus.

“The point is not to learn every fact but to say ‘Wow, that’s wonderful!’. And if it’s
wonderful, it’s worth preserving”. – Bob Cassilly

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